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CPD Curration for the People Occupation

This blog is here to give you a list of items/activities that you could use as a basis for your CPD log. I'll only list items that I think will help with DPG assignments or support you in the workplace. I'm mainly looking for facts and statistics tha

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Necessity of Reward Management

Lets have a discussion on the effectiveness of a successful reward management system in the organisations. Do you think it is an easy way to enhance the motivation of the workers?

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Sparking Joy

Ever since Marie Kondo introduced the concept of Spark Joy into our everyday language we have been looking at our lives in a slightly different way and not just our possessions. As a consequence of the pandemic a lot more of us are spending time at h

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Have you ever wondered how easy it is to plagiarise another person's work without realising it? It dawned on me recently that many of us can easily fall into this trap despite knowing the basic principles of plagiarism. So why do we repeat these mist

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DPG's Career Community - CPD log

I have started to transfer my CPD to the new online tool available in the Career Community page and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant. Always available and you can simply and easily make a log of what learning you have undertaken. The front pa
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70 20 10

Hello everyone on the blog!


Does anyone know where to find a clear definitive list of specific activities within the 70 20 10 concept ? I need some inspiring examples within each category ?


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Throwback Friday

I recently came across this Newspaper job advertisement posted in the York Past & Present group on Facebook. The members of the group were reminiscing about the department store - some had worked there, others used to shop there. I love a bit of hist

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CPD with G: Curation for the people occupation

Don't read all that - read this  :)

Popular twitter personality Maria Popova (@brainpicker), has said that curation is

"a drive to find the interesting, meaningful, and relevant amidst the vast maze of overabundant information". That’s my goal. I’ve

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Job Support Scheme

Are you ready to transition to the Job Support Scheme (JSS) on 1st November 2020?

The CIPD has published a letter to use when placing employees onto the new JSS. Like with Furlough (the CJRS), the JSS amounts to a change of terms and conditions of emp

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DPG Update Newsletter

At 12:30 pm today, you'll get an email from me all about recent developments here in the Community. Here's a quick link to the video of me explaining what is going on:


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