As someone who has just completed my Level 3 CIPD qualification, I’m on the quest for other ways to develop my career by upskilling in different areas. Now, I’m very lucky to have a great team and be part of a great community who always let me know about upcoming conferences and webinars that I may be interested in, but these are just 2 ways of keeping up to date with what is going on in the world of L&D. I recently came across a really interesting article by Karen Moloney on the elearning experts website called ’31 Ways to Boost Your Learning Career – Part 1’ which I think will come in very handy for all of our professional development!

Find the link here below.

31 ways to boost your learning career part-1

I would love to hear about your experiences of any of the tips mentioned in the article – have you had a mentor? Or been to a great conference? Maybe you have your own blog or podcast? Let me know, I would love to chat about this!

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  • Thank you Lucy. This is great information.

  • Congratulations Lucy !

    This is a great article as it shows how easy it is to get started. Doing a course and maintaining an active CPD record means that attending webinars, conferences, meet ups fall into place naturally. In doing my own qualification, I found attending the CIPD Leaders in Learning sessions a great way to discuss what is going on in the industry and gain real insights from others leading the way and championing different aspects.

    For me the most important sentence of this article is:

    Which one of these ideas will you be implementing this week/month/year?

    It is easy to chat about these things but we must remember to get out there and do it!!

  • Well done Lucy.

    This is a really good point from the article:

    "We need to lead by example in our organisations and be constantly learning, questioning, analysing, discussing, sharing and trying new things.

    And we need to put ourselves “out there” more.

    I have met so many amazing and talented people in this profession that just don’t know how to blow their own trumpet – and that’s a shame because they have so much to contribute."

    On the community itself there are so many people all doing great things. I'd like to see more posts from you guys shouting about your success, chewing over what worked well and sharing best practice. CIPD and proud?!

    • P.S I Just spoke to an L&D professional about how the profession is often under-valued and not formally recognised - often because people side-step in to it - good at what they do, teach what they do - . Increasingly there's a demand for professional recognition and a greater understanding of the value that great L&D professionals can add to an organisation.

  • Congratulations Lucy on completing your level 3. Awesome.

    There are some great tips in there. Too many to choose from! I think what's key is choosing one or two to run with for a bit. When I first tuned into CPD properly, I found myself with that kid in a sweet shop syndrome wanting to do everything!

    The ones that have really worked for me:

    14. Start a blog - I first turned my hand to blogging on the DPG Community. I'm very grateful to the encouragement from Mike Collins back then. The nervy thing for me was that I believed I didn't really have anything of value to say and Mike helped me over that hurdle by showing an interest in something I was working on and helping me to understand how useful sharing would be for others. There's lots I like about blogging and the DPG Community is the place to do it. You really cement your learning by writing stuff down and you're being an active part of a community of practice. As you blog, it helps you to really think about what you've learned. I also love the fact that if what I write benefits another person or two along the way I feel like I've done my bit.

    13. Start or host a Twitter chat. I've met some wonderful people through a regular Twitter chat that happens every Friday between 8am and 9am. It's run by LnD Connect on a hashtag on Twitter #LDInsight. A question is posed each week and even if you just lurk, watch the responses of others it is incredibly valuable learning experience. My advise though, is to dive in a join the discussion. It's amazing what inspiration you gain in just an hour. There are HR equivalents too, however I personally think Lnd Connect Twitter chats are worth attending whether you're in HR, L&D or OD. 

    3. Join a meetup group - Following on from tip number 13, I like number 3 too. Online chats are great, but they work even better when they are part of a 'blended' approach. The same group that I mentioned above, often have 'Tweet Ups'. The first I experienced was on the evening of day 1 of CIPD's L&D Show. The beer garden and cold beer together with meeting some great people in real life was a perfect end to the day and the start of me having a great Personal Learning Network around me.

    Love that share Lucy. Which of those 31 tips do you think you're most likely to follow?

    Mike Collins
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