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Colours in Learning

I am currently enrolled on the L&D Level 3 Diploma and one of the assessments I need to do is to designing a learning session (working with another member of the group).  Our topic 'using colours in learning'.

Colour is around us all the time and we tend to just accept it, however, before weI start working on the session I wanted to do a little research around this.  Many people have no issues with colour but I know others do eg my husband is colour blind and has problems differentiating between green and red.  This has made me think about what we would need to take into account when designing a learning session using colour and so I thought I would turn to the community to get feedback from people on their experience of colour, for example:

Does it make you happy/sad?

Are you colour blind and if so what colours cause you problems. 

I would look to hear from anyone with a view on this topic.


Sharon Gorman

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  • Thanks everyone for your feedback.  I will look at all of this and consider it when looking to design the session.  I find it really interesting that on a normal day colour is just colour.  Now it has a whole new meaning :)

  • Hiya, when I think about colour I think about contrast and designing for inclusion.  W3 has some great resources on this: ;

  • Hi Sharon,

    I've been thinking about this since you posted last week. Colours in learning is certainly a touchy subject for me. Designing online learning, videos, graphics etc is something I've kind of fell into over the years without any formal training as such..... One thing that still puzzles me is the science of colours. What colours are suitable for different productions, what colours envoke what emotions, even down to what colours go with what colour. See me in the DIY store paint isle or the soft furnishing department looking at cushions and curtains and you'll notice I step backwards and let my good lady step forward!

    There's a couple of sites that I've found really useful in mixing and matching colours:

    This video is quite good:

    Here's a colour palette generator:

    Interested to have a look at anything you have to share.

  • Thanks Nicola.  Yes I have quite a bit of information from google, but find it interesting to also get other peoples point of view.  Thanks for the good luck - I'm sure it will go ok :)

  • Colour is facinating and our perception of it changes depending on the way eyes receive light and transmit to the brain.  There's lots of infor on google, which I'm sure you know already.  good luck with it

  • Thanks Nicola.  I've book a book called Colour Pschology Today which is a very interesting read, providing info about what colours to use etc but I'm still interested to learn about colour blindness and what colours cause problems.

  • Hi Sharon,

    There is a very interesting book on colour with the Title. Colour in the Making, from old wisdom to new brilliance.  Published by Black Dog Publishing in London, authors. Mark Clarke and Philip Ball.  It looks as colour in art, the science of colour and history and chemical innovations for modern colour making, so lots of learning connections to make there and explanations.  It was a present to me so I am not sure if you might find it in the Library but hope this might be useful for you.

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