Learning at Work Week 2017

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone on here has signed up their organisation to participate in this years' Learning at Work Week (15th-19th May)? It is something that I am thinking of doing this year and am interested to know how widely it is supported and how valuable people find it.



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  • Hi Gemma, we are and have an internal workshop set up with Campaign for Learning.  They have been really helpful in providing information on the different approaches and have already spent time with me discussing our ideas.  

    We are utilising their posters with our own branding and creating save the date templates from now until the events with tantalizing watch out for these activities banners.  

    Main areas of focus we have chosen are Growth Mindset, Personal Brand, Technology at Work and Change Management and all will be delivered in different formats, different sites, different themes, very interactive and fun!  

    This will be the first one we have organised but are already seeing benefits in showing how learning at work promotes personal and business growth and development.  They are worth contacting even just for a general chat to see if it is for you.

  • Hi Gemma,

    How are things progressing with your Learning at Work Week plan? Did you find the below articles useful 

    Our friends at Good Practice are giving the chance for any employee in an organisation to access their Toolkits for the week - for free 

    More information here - http://www.goodpractice.com/blog/items/learning-at-work-week-specia...

    Learning at Work Week Special Offer - GoodPractice
    Get free access to our award-winning toolkit, for all your employees.
  • Here is a post on the subject from another community member a couple of years ago - plenty of ideas and discussion. Here's to hoping this generates plenty of discussion and ideas as well. 


    Here is the official website for anyone who wants to find out more about the initiative 


  • HI Gemma. This sounds intriguing. I think anything that helps people to recognise the value of learning is a good thing to do.

    Have you done this before? I'm wondering what ideas you have to bring this into your organisation? What do others do? Any ideas?

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