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Hi all,

I work for a large organisation and our IT and HR Departments are currently working on a strategic platform review. A LMS forms part of that review, but it's taking time for our parent company to reach a decision, and with lead times etc. it's looking unlikely that I'll see any movement on a new system this year.

I need to find an interim solution that enables me to host e-learning in SCORM format, track usage, completion and pass rates, and ideally has some form of user authentication linked to our employee eystem. At this point I don't need an all-singing all-dancing solution, just a basic system that allows me to host and report on e-learning until our LMS is in place.

Can anyone recommend a low-cost provider that can do the above please?

Many thanks,


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      • Hi Leanne, 

        I feel your pain. We're in a similar situation. For me the only really thing you can do is make sure they can make an informed decision by giving them all the benefits and risks for delaying/not taking the right LMS. 

        The one thing I would be wary of is the Leadership team just taking the LMS of their preferred provider without due diligence and actually checking with the people that know about L&D before making a decision about L&D! 

        • Ha ha true - but why break the habit of a lifetime?!

          In all honesty, I am fully onboard with their preferred supplier and it was always my preference, but doesn't take away the fact that we need something ASAP!

          I've tried highlighting the costs, time spent, inabilty to check / track competence and check understanding, GDPR risks, etc.but cannot get anyone to move any quicker!

          Just keep pushing on! 

  • Hi Leanne,  I'm looking for a LMS too so was interested to see what advice you'd been given...  :( 

    I have some appointments lined up with 4 providers over the next couple of weeks, so it'd be good to compare notes with you.  Have you already selected a tool/provider?


    • Hi Karen, 

      Apologies, I've been a little out of touch with the community for a while and have only just seen this! How did you get on? Which providers did you see?


This reply was deleted.

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