Make a Difference, one by one

I love stories, who doesn't. I came across this short story the other day when I was looking at some coaching material. 

It's got me thinking. Wondering. What's the link between this and the work that we do in L&D? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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  • This a lovely story, very simple but also very truthful. We can always make a different no matter if small or big. really good story Ady.

    • I like it too Monika. How do you think you might use this in the work that you do?

      • Well I am L&D assistant at my workplace so I design and deliver training's to other employees and at the moment it is more of a tick box exercise for different departments and now that I am at the end of my Level 3 diploma in L&D course and after watching this video it shows me that even if I use little bit of my knowledge and change the way training's are delivered to engage learners and change the design of the training's, I will make a difference it might not be a massive difference but a little one is better than no difference. Employees will then feel that there is an opportunity to learn something new and make them feel that they want to be there on that training session as opposed to feeling like they have to be there and its a waste of time. This is how I can make a difference in my workplace :) 

        • Great Monika. EVERYONE can make a difference. Have you seen the marginal gains theory often attributed to Sir Dave Brailsford who took the Sky Cycling Team to new levels?

          If you haven't, well worth a watch. Rather than focus on massive change, he focused on the small bits that when added up made a big difference. The tyres that were used, the chain lubricant, the clothing of the cyclists even down to the beds they slept on the night before the race. Each little step change made a 'marginal' difference that when added together delivered the results they needed.

          That often gets me thinking, what are the little changes we can all make that add up to the big results?

          This video helps to explain some of that story.....

          Sir Dave Brailsford and Marginal Gains - YouTube
          • Brilliant, little solutions to make a bigger impact all toether 

          • I haven't seen it but I definitely will now :) Thank you :) 

            • ... by the way, congratulations on getting through your programme. Hope you've found it useful. It'll surely pay you back great returns through the development you've had. Hope you continue to make use of the community. You're a lifetime member here!

              • This video does make you think about what little things you can do to make big changes! It's really great, I would love it if I could have my bed and pillow with me when I have to stay over somewhere else. :) Another Great video! Thanks for showing it to me I feel like I am already thinking about what little things I can do in my workplace to make changes to make a difference :D 

                Thank you, Just last assessment to go :) I have found it very useful and I am already applying my knew knowledge to my job and to my personality too :) I believe that this course has changed my future and me in a very positive way :) I love the community and I am definitely going to be still using it. I love learning something new and this is the best place for learning and sharing experiences and knowledge. 

  • Simple but effective story, shows that even the smallest contribution makes a difference.

  • What a lovely video, shows every contribution no matter how small makes a difference and so refreshing to see the younger generation taking the lead.

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