Measuring workshop effectiveness

Hi Everyone

I'm so glad to have found this group.

I'm an actor, and this year my aim is to investigate whether I can produce a workshop on using acting techniques to increase confidence and productivity.

I realise that some acting techniques are used in training already, through roleplay and forum theatre, but I think there is much more to offer.

My (draft!) proposition is to offer employees with a set of simple, powerful, easy-to-use tools that allow them to immediately assess and respond to colleagues and customers; A radical shift in confidence and wellbeing, with long-term results; Improvement in KPIs; Better engagement, fewer staff issues, greater productivity; and an ongoing online support network that is genuinely supportive and useful.

My question to you lovely people is to ask how you are measuring results in 2015?

I've researched the Kirkpatrick and CIRO models, but I'd love to hear the nitty-gritty of how you actually do it: is it as simple as as "on the day" feedback and a later post-training evaluation questionnaire?

Kind regards


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  • From the point of view of having gone through internal training, not for confidence, but focusing on management skills, we were asked for on the day feedback, followed by an evaluation sheet sent out by the HR dept a week or so afterwards. I always felt obliged to say it had been a good workshop, but did try to offer constructive criticism where I could. If your focus is on trying to build confidence, the participants might not necessarily feel confident to provide honest feedback on the day (as confidence takes time). What might be a more effective idea is to do a follow up session. That way you will be able to view changes yourself, and also allowed the time for their confidence to grow.
  • Hi Alison

    Thanks for your useful feedback. I envisage conducting both one-off workshops, and some ongoing work.

    I have yet to pilot my ideas, but my current plan is to evaluate immediately afterwards, and then a few weeks after the workshops. The workshops will cover tools that people can use (and that will hopefully become habit) so although I am expecting a high feedback score on the day, for me the real proof will be after people have had a chance to use them in the real world.

    I'm also working with a Health Psychologist to make sure that the information presented is Psychologically both sound and helpful!

    I'm currently approaching various companies about doing pilot studies, and I'm just about to move to Bath, so if you'd be interested in a meeting to chat about my plans, I'd be more than happy to help!

    Kind regards


    • Hi Andy,

      I presume then that you are delivering an "intervention" designed to change an individual's behaviour/s or reaction/s to specific situations?

      If you agree with your client the change that is being looked for and ways in which the change will be exhibited, then you can work with them regarding when and how to assess the situation, to evaluate the degree of change that has been embedded.

      If the change is in the self-confidence of the delegates, then it is probably the delegates themselves that you will have to agree measures with. Perhaps get them to write down how they intend to use their new skills before they leave the workshop, and you could e mail a reminder to them later which would help them! It would be the delegates that you could then apporach for feedback later and/or their colleagues/line manager.

      You could possibly video them in the workshop and send the video to them..I know this is a technique quite commonly used in presentation skills training which also helps with confidence building.

      Hope your move to Bath goes well - lovely city. (I lived in Larkhall for a year which I loved!)


      • Hi Alison

        Thanks for the useful advice. 

        I am also moving to Larkhall - I'll say hello to it for you!



        • ooh lucky you. I went for a party earlier this month, so it's not long since I was there.

  • Hi Andy and Alison.

    We are currently updating our evaluation question set for all of our courses in Central Head Office (Leadership, Functional skills and Capability skills).

    If you have any useful resources that might help us with creating this question set, please can you direct me in the right way? 

    Thanks so much in advance


  • Hi Andy,

    Are you thinking of one workshop or a series of workshops, when you ask about measuring the effectiveness of workshops?

    What we measure depends upon the course/training that has been delivered and the change that it was meant to produce. We don't have one mechanism that fits all interventions. We do quite often use the "on the day" feedback and later post-training interview/feedback that you refer to above.

    Is your proposition aimed at any particular type of workforce or any particular type of change being implemented? How long do you think it would take for the tools to make the difference? Have you done any pilot studies?

    Let us know how you get on with your ideas anyway, and best of luck :)

  • Hi both, did you ever receive further feedback on this? I'm really keen to enhance the evaluation questions in our organisation currently. Thank you, Levina

    • We didn't get any more responses sadly Levina. Any thoughts on this gratefully received :-)

  • Welcome to the Community Andy :-)

    You pose some great questions here and I think this is a universal challenge across all types of training/learning activities. How do you measure actual behavioural and performance changes as a direct result of these activities.

    We'll send this out in the weekly update and see if we can build some conversation around what is an important topic


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