Hi everyone,

As you may be able to tell I'm new to the L&D space and still learning (aren't we all).

I've recently been challenged on the way I've built a set of online resources for a project I'm working on.

In a nutshell I've grouped resources into two types, those that engage the learner in the subject and those that deliver the learning outcome.

For two subject areas (that one senior stakeholder owns) I've covered these like so:

Wellbeing1 x Factsheet (Interesting facts on WBI)1 x Short guide on Wellbeing (Covers our Wellbeing model)
Attendance at work1 x Quiz (Impact on BT)

2 x Short guide (Covers reasonable adjustments and keeping in contact

1 x Handbook (Covers practical examples of case mgmt)

I've kept consistency in style and tone for each but have varied documents according to what's appropriate to the subject matter and the learning outcome (i.e. what I think will deliver the LO best)

Now I'm being challenged I'm struggling to articulate why I wouldn't have the same documents for each subject for the learner to give them a consistent experience.

It led me to think about the different learning styles Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic and how they're catered for in the resources I've used and how as learning designers we should cater for them.

Does every learning outcome need to be covered in every style to create an effective learner experience?

I don't feel like it does, but I can't articulate why!



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  • I saw this great piece today by Cathy Moore which she wrote in 2015:


    How to respond to learning-style believers
  • I'd agree with Andrew but take it one step further and get rid of learning styles all together in your design approach and focus on creating memorable experiences you want people to take away with them and link them to an observable outcomes whether this is behavioral or process etc related. 

    Sadly learning styles are part of the DNA in L&D but there is absolutely so scientific evidence to support them and that designing to cater for different styles has ANY advantage or provides a better learning experiences to individuals

    Take a look at the Learning Styles Challenge for some interesting reading https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/learning-professionals/learning-styl...

    Learning Styles Challenge - Year 8 - Now at $5000
    There is much debate in the L&D field as to the legitimacy of learning styles and if they even exist. We cover Learning Styles including Honey & Mumf…
  • Does every learning outcome need to be covered in every style to create an effective learner experience?

    No. Learning styles are not evidence based.


    No evidence to back idea of learning styles | Letter
    Letter: Neuromyths create a false impression of individuals’ abilities, leading to expectations and excuses that are detrimental to learning in gener…
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