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Hi all,



We are an international company that currently works virtually using tools such as WebEx. But I am looking for a vendor who can support us to get the most out of working in the virtual space. 

I have seen a number of companies that offer their service but i was hoping people on here would have advice.



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  • Hi Toby,

    Just seen this thread, and thanks to Ady for recommending me. 

    I've got a podcast on this topic now that might be useful for you too - https://lightbulbmoment.community/lightbulb-moment-podcast


    Lightbulb Moment Podcast
    Virtual classrooms and webinar discussion and learning community. Sign up for a free, vibrant group where you can ask questions and learn!
  • Hi Toby - I'd agree with Ady as well Jo is really knowledgeable and has fantastic experience in the virtual space and definitely worth a chat. 

    The other place to take a look is the Virtual Gurus site - always good to have options! 


    Virtual Gurus
    We develop the skills needed to leverage the full potential that digital conferencing technologies bring to a virtual event, be that a meeting or eve…
    • Thanks for this Mike. Hope you have been well?

      I have contacted Virtual Gurus to get some feedback from them and i'll let you know how it goes. 

      Just so that you know NetSpeed is the other company: https://netspeedlearning.com/virtual-leader/


      Virtual Leader
      Virtual Leader is a program of webinar workshops designed to help build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in virtual environments.
  • HI Toby,

    I'd highly recommend that you connect with and have a chat with Jo Cook. Her company is all about helping people to develop the skills, knowledge, culture etc around live virtual delivery. I'm sure you will get some huge value having a chat with her.

    Let me know how all that goes. 



    Jo Cook @LightbulbJo
    Join our award winning Community dedicated to helping you develop yourself. We #LOVECPD and we're here for all your L&D and HR needs.
    • Thanks Ady for the quick response. I have reached out to Jo and hope we can do something. Just so that you are aware, the company I was in contact with first about this was NetSpeed: https://netspeedlearning.com/virtual-leader/


      Virtual Leader
      Virtual Leader is a program of webinar workshops designed to help build collaborative, accountable, high-performing teams in virtual environments.
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