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Training Agreements


We offer our employees the chance to do NVQ's to further their careers with us. When someone wants to do it we ask that they sign an agreement that if they leave the company while completeing the course or within the first year after completion they will repay us the cost of the course. Most of the courses are avaliable under the aprenticeship levy so we use this to fund them

One of our employees has chosen to leave and has said that despite signing the form because we use the apprenticeship levy we are unable to recover the costs from her. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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  • Hi Lauren

    we have introduced reclaiming fees for any training we provide out of our budgets. 

    However for any training funded through the levy, we would not reclaim as the levy is funded through the appropriate taxation channels and we do not have a choice but to pay into. 

    If however it is part funded then you could try to claim whatever part you have funded additionally through the business. 

    This may be different in your org but as an educational org, we take every case as individual and consider impact this will have on employee, also our relationship and the reputation we have. I.e we may only try to recover the first £500 only or work out a payment plan or not recover at all. 

    Im sorry I haven’t given masses on information on why we can’t recover through apprenticeship but to put it plainly it’s because the funding for this is through a government scheme and not our own purse. (Although it technically is!)

    Also for anyone under 18, we receive £1000 government incentive for employing them. I would hate for the government to reclaim it back if they left after a year so it works both ways!

    thank you,


  • HI there

    I've had this experience also and it was quite straight forward (if not frustrating!) that we couldn't reclaim.  We attempted to recover the costs but it was in fact the college that called to say we couldn't make the deduction.  This could have changed so perhaps check in with your learning provider?

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