Virtual Reality: the next big transformational learning technology

In this research, Kallidus asked 206 L&D professionals about their views on virtual reality and its potential for learning and development. It's interesting to see that there is a very positive attitude to the technology with 91% of respondents wanting to use it at some point in the future. That said, only 8% of respondents own a VR headset and 4% have tried it as a part of a training exercise. This report is good for supporting your case for investigating virtual reality as a technology for learning.

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  • There are also some great thoughts on VR from Donald Clark below for anyone interesting in learning more

  • I was keen to purchase the Samsung Gear V2 at £79.99 it was a steal and a great way to experience VR from the comfort of your own home.

    The quality is pretty good and their improving the store, apps and experience all the time

    The implications for learning are huge and I've seen these headsets at every L&D conference in the last 18 months so training providers are definitely exploring how VR can enhance learning and learning application.

    Where do you personally see VR making an impact Martin?

    • Hi Mike

      I agree, this is very exciting technology. I use Google Cardboard, which cost me a few pounds, to see what some of the VR apps look like and they are good.

      I'd encourage anyone interested in this to read the link you shared to Donald Clark's work. In terms of where I see VR making an impact . . . I think there is so much potential here but the realisation of that potential will come from 1) understanding what the technology offers eg bridges geographies, provides safe, 'practice' environments, can be used anywhere 2) exploring the context in which the technology could be used eg how could it be used in your organisation. There are opportunities around compliance type training, health and safety work and technical skills, especially in higher risk environments.

      I think a really interesting area is soft skills development - how this technology can provide safe environments to try out customer service skills, public speaking, difficult conversations etc - historically it has been hard - and expensive - to create environments to 'try out' these skills. 


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