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What CPD have you been doing?

It's a great question and one that I looked forward to every month when I did my Level 5 CIPD Qualification in Learning and Development with DPG. Each workshop, our facilitator Jo would always make sure we have some time to share the CPD we'd been up to. 'What CPD have you been doing?' was the question that led the discussion. What I did like is that there was no pressure to contribute or mention anything if you didn't feel like you had anything to add. It was a great time to listen and learn from the activities others were doing for their CPD. It gave you some ideas on what you could also do yourself. However, as the programme progressed, it was more likely the case that each time this question came up, everyone had something to share each time.

CPD doesn't have to be an onerous, formal process. It happens all around us, each day, in a variety of ways. CPD is just about spending some time reflecting on what you've picked up and how you might use it. In some cases, there's a need to jot it down too.

As we welcome more to our community who are kicking off their Autumn programmes with us, I thought I'd share this video of tips. And if there's any CPD you'd like to share with us here as a wider community of practice, I'd love to see your comments below. If you're on Twitter, you can also come along and join me on a #LOVECPD discussion on there too.

Thanks and welcome.

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  • I wrote a blog about what it means to be a life-long learner for a series covering lots of topics on learning.

    I've not blogged for ages and it helped me think through some of the things around sharing and it being a two way process - the key now is for me to continue to think about how to encourage those who consume and don't necessarily contribute. 


    • Really liked this - it kind of called me out, I'm a lurker and a consumer Mike! I like to curate and revisit content when I'm ready to consume it but do little to validate my understanding/interpretation of it by getting involved, this may have just spurred me on... Not sure I like the label of lurker!
      • I saw you share this on LinkedIn Chris - you have made the transition from lurker to contributor :)

        There is such power in sharing / curating content and adding your own position or opinion and building context around the content itself - if 1 other person see your post and read / share it then you have given someone else something to think about and might bring about change.

        Thank you

  • Hi Ady

    This is a great video so thanks for sharing. It's a great question to ask as well and has made me reflect right now. This week I've been reading a book, The Numbers Game, about what data tells us about football. I coach an under-10s team and the book raises many questions about how we coach football - the data tells us we wouldn't coach it in the way we are taught to coach it. Challenging thinking and really make me think hard about my role as a coach and how I do what I do. That's me this week!

This reply was deleted.

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