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Every Friday from 8am - 9am UK time, L&D Connect host a Twitter conversation using the hashtag #LDInsight. It's a great way of tuning in and connecting with other L&D professionals on a topic of interest and boosting your CPD. If you don't know how to follow hashtags on Twitter, don't worry, this useful guide from Martin Couzins will help.

Today's topic has been 'What is really required to learn a skill/change behaviour?' Probably one of the most important topics to us in L&D given that our role is all about facilitating, influencing and leading change.

There was some great conversations and input. Some of the key themes coming up were: Follow up, support, motivation, time, speed, conversation, sharing, steps, purpose.

I've put some of my favourite tweets below as well as a 'storify' list of the higlights of the conversation. You can find this conversation as well as the others every Friday by searching on Twitter for #LDinsight

But in the meantime, what's your views on this question? What is really required to learn a skill/change behaviour? Your comments and conversation as always very much appreciated.

Have a great weekend.

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  • Hi Ady

    I really like the work of BJ Fogg when it comes to behaviour change. This short video is worth a look.

    I think learning a skill is separate to changing behaviour. The behaviour change might be an outcome of learning a new skill.

    • Great share thanks Martin. Interesting how this video backs up a lot of what was discussed on #LDInsight this morning. Many people favouring the stepped change approach. Now on to my fitness plan. Two press-ups at a time! Enjoy your weekend.

      • Go Ady Go - this time next week you'll be up to 3 press ups!

        • I'll be lifting a couple of weights this evening. Pint sized ones. Does that count?

          • haha, I guess it could be habit forming and could be considered as learnt behaviour Ady!

            We had a similar convo here earlier, as one of our colleagues completed an amazing ironman event last weekend.We were talking about 6 packs (in the fridge obviously) and running (to the pub if its raining!)

    • Phew, had a read of the tweets above - there is so much in there that it was quite exhausting! I'm going to go on Twitter to see if I can hook into it. (Ady, can I "follow"  #LDInsight?)

      BJ Fogg makes his subject matter very accessible. Thank you for mentioning him Martin.

      Here is the video that I watched today in which BJ Fogg introduces his work and gives his tips towards facilitating behaviour change.

      (What I really like is BJ Fogg's job title - Stanford University's Persuasive Technology Lab director!)

      It reminds me of Victor Vroom's "expectancy theory" (1964?). There are now lots of versions of AMO theories - around Motivation and the key moderating  factors Ability and Opportunity (context, environment) - including the influence of various other factors in the many researched and published versions. All fascinating, but many are a hard read compared to the BJ Fogg video clips :)

      • Hi Alison.

        There is a lot in there isn't there? They're great conversations each week and a great way of getting your thinking fired up on a Friday. The #LDInsight is not something you can follow as such. It's more a search that you can do to find tweets containing that hashtag. If you're doing this on Friday between 8am-9am you'll see (and be able to join in) the conversation as it happens. If of course, you can't make it at the time, searching for the hashtag is a great way of finding out what the discussion was and what people had to say.

        I love it. It's free CPD that usually gets me gaining some new ideas that impact on my day job. Highly recommended.

        Enjoy your weekend.

        • Thanks Ady - I must try to remember the hashtag name.

          To "learn a skill" I agree with many of the points made in the tweets:

          You need a patient  "teacher" who is able to demonstrate the skill, break down the skill into observable, learnable chunks and to answer any questions, preferably on a one to one basis.

          The learner once they have copied the skill (safely, under observation of the teacher) to a point that they feel confident in carrying it out, then need to practice the skill. There used to be a saying "practice makes perfect".

          (Depending upon the learner, and their preferred learning style - link out to your H&M learning styles discussion here! -  they may want to read about the skill, as well as observe it and have a go.)

          What they then do with it, having learnt it, is up to them I suppose!

          Have a great weekend yourself Ady.:)

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