Hi folks,

I am currently part way through my level 3 L&D CIPD Diploma course here with DPG and after working thorugh todays lesson covering the 70:20:10 framework and more new models arising that we are being taught.  I reflected on my course last year for ACCP when I qualified in Advanced Coaching Practice.

Whilst I find and am leanring how useful, beneficial and amazing many of these tools and models can be, I just took some time to reflect at the end of my e-lesson today and as part of my challenge I ahve been given (EEK!)  I am starting my first discussion and so wanted to just open this one to ask for anyone to share their thoughts on when and if they have exprienced a situation where the focussing too much on models can perhaps impact the individual themselves and their presence at that moment and where they are in their CPD development/life?

Just curious and this is definitely facing a fear for me as this is my first discussion post creation and this is lal new learning for me as I work in HR but just as a data admin with maintaining employee records in the system but outwith that I have a personal pasison for CPD in all aspects of human life and experience and love to encourage and teach people to always be aware of their own possibilities.

I ahve soemtimes found in my own experience there cna be an 'overload' of recommendations and models and tools and its the awareness enhancement and ensuring my own energies are aligning that helps me identify and find clarity.

Thanks and look forwrad to hearing your thoughts!?

Danna :-)




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    • Hi Kathryn,

      Aww thank you so much for posting :-) much appreciated and wise words!

      I am loving the course and it is really helping me weave together the final pieces my coaching business launch I am working on right now.  Its a lot to take in at first but I am getting there slowly but surely.  I am even attending a BNI breakfast tomorrow as a guest from a previous coaching tutor of mine so its another step further out my old comfort zone and being fully involved in my area of focus and she said it wil be a fun way to have my 60 seconds of practicing being succinct and clear - im nervous but feeling ready that it is time to not just beleive in myself but BE myself and take a brave step forward and just see what happens - 2020 is definitely the year of vision and clarity!

      Have a wonderful week and thanks again for replying,



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        • Hi Kathryn, Happy Wednesday :-)

          Oh my goodness i felt very nervous but at the same time i totally owned myself as a founder of starting my wee busines and enjoyed my 60seconds inttroducing myself and what I am launching.  It really inspired me to complete my website i am nearly finished and to take myself seriously in what i want to be fully involve din and contribute to.  It was such a lovely meeting and can see the benefits of joining that kind of group for support,referrals and CPD :).  A si have not officially launched yet and no clients I cannot afford to join them right now but definitly something to consider once i ahve started my business and get a year or so under my belt.  I am super excited to launch as everyhting on my website is like many years of a journey and confusion that is all finally starting to make sense and its true to me who i want to be and offer in this world.  

          I can send you the link to my website onces it is complete if you like for a look? it is always nice to get feedback from professionals that dont know me as it lets me see if the connection and what i am offering is coming across clear and succinct :-)


          Hope you are having a great week?



          • ps apologies for the terrible spelling LOL that is what I get when trying to eat lunch and type at the same time hehe :) I'm a total professional..honest LOL

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              • Born on the 1st February 2020 :-)!!



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              • Hi Kathryn, hope you are having a great week?

                3 more sleeps till launch day of my new business website (i work FT but seeing what magic i can build over time) - i will send you the link once i publish it - Launch day 1st Feb :-) so excited 

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