Hi all

As part of our business' move to upskill and reskill, we are looking at providing elearning for all managers and employees. We are a retail business of 260+ employees, with a mixture of admin, warehouse and manufacturing roles so this needs to be accessible to all. Does anyone have any good experiences with particular elearning providers that they would be able to share and think would be relevant to us?

Thanks in advance!

Erica :-) 

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  • Thank you Gary! I will take a look :) 

    • Happy to help 👍

  • Hi Erica Adams 

    Last week I spotted a short report from the Learning Performance Institute that aimed to identify the top-performing learning technologies. Within that report, you'll find information about 15 top-rated elearning providers.

    I did some research earlier in the year for a potential replacement platform for this community and I spoke to aNEWSPRING who are on the list there, and I've previously spoken to Docebo. It was really easy set up video calls and demos with these companies and there is no hard sell. This could be a good place for you to start 😃

    Here's a link to the report: https://www.thelpi.org/programmes/learning-technologies-accreditation/

    Learning Technologies Accreditation - The LPI
    Differentiate yourself in the market with LPI accreditation. The globally-recognised quality mark for providers of learning technologies.
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