I've been recently speaking with a range of HR professionals, on Linkedin, on the above question, and surprisingly, this appears to be a big dilemma. People with experience and qualifications seem unable to make the move from a transactional role io an advisory position. What is the secret? I've been told that starting at grassroot level, and progressing forward from there, is perhaps the only way. But what if you already have qualifications and years of experience in HR/related areas, such as recruitment, payroll, accounts. employment relations and so forth?

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  • An interesting challenge....I can only compare it to when I relocated from the South back to the North, I was at associate CIPD level with 20 years generalist experience at a Regional HR Manager level under my belt....to be told that unless I held a Chartered members level CIPD qualification I would be going no where...so I funded it myself and then stuck my tongue out at recruiters when I qualified swiftly.

    It seems there are secret invisible barriers for some to people progressing in HR, whether it be qualifications, sector experience, whether they are male or female in HR, whether they wear a tie or not (yes - I was declined politely by an employer as I interviewed without a tie on)...but hey. As the immortal Mr Lemmy Kilminster once sang, keep these words in your head 'Dont let the b'ds grind ya down!'.

    Keep on keeping on, theres a place in the sun for you somewhere and we all find it at some point (even though there may be a little shade).

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