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Communicating the key messages about your company is the most important job you’ve got as an HR leader. I was reading through some tips on this the other day and thought I'd share them with you.

One of my favourite points in this article is: you are always communicating – even when you think you aren’t. Within our roles in HR, as the experts on people, we're often looked up to as being role models. That means people don't just evaluate what we say, but very much gauge us on our actions. This is especially the case for leaders too.

Have a read through the tips here

Which ones stand out for you as being important?

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  • Hi Ady

    Great blog I think there are a couple in there for me the first as a facilitator is everyone is different and to

    Use your listener’s favourite channel of communication (which might be different from yours)

    Also that People have different learning preferences, I was once delivering some soft skills training to quite technical people and I found that providing them with the resource source during the lunch break to read was a great way to engage with the topic and they had that lightbulb moment!

    Thanks for sharing


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