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Hi all

As a facilitator I am always keen to point my groups to key reading to support with assignments and provide the opportunity to reference, so I thought I would include some of the go to information:

Employee Relations/Employee engagement

A good chapter by Michael Armstrong on employee relations (useful for DER)

Resourcing and Talent/Labour Market Trends

Reward, pay, pensions and earnings information

Employment Law

Sources of employment law:

My go to text book for employment law Selwyn's employment law 19th edition:

What would you recommend as your go to piece of research please do share!

All the best


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  • Some great resources here Sarah!

    • Thanks Mike!

      I would encourage the groups who started in autumn to take a look!!

      All the best

  • Thanks Sarah for sharing :) these certainly look like they will be very helpful!

    • Thanks Katy I have added some more as people send me their recommendations so please do review from time to time as I will keep adding to this.

      All the best Sarah

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