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As a business we cuurently use the Bradford Factor system. We are wnating to move away from this absence reporting system. Can I ask what other systems you all use, how they work and if you feel they are effective enough?

We also do not currently pay for absence for the first 3 days (unless it COVID related). How do you all work with this, do you think that not paying the 3 days reduces absences or increases the length of the absences.


Looking forward to hearing your opinions :)





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  • Hi Lou

    Why do you think the Bradford Factor isn't effective? If the business has an issue with short-term, persistent absence, BF can be very effective. However, to achieve maximum effectiveness it is important to ensure that meaningful return to work interviews are carried out every time somebody is off. This should include a snap shot of BF and where they sit in terms of moving onto the formal stage of absence  monitoring. 

    High absednce may be a symptom of other issues so changing your monitoring/absence management may not be the answer.

    If you can explain more about how it is used and combined with RTW's - or why it doesn't meet the business needs, it would be easier to put forward suggestions. I suspect you may need to carry out a wider review of why ansence seems to be problem as well as why BF appears not to be an effective monitoring tool.

    The 3 days being unpaid is not uncommon and can be a deterrant. However, you do need to assess the benefit of this approach with the risk of presenteeism and the impact this can have. 

    Not paying the first 3 days can be seen as punitive and this can impact on employee engagement.

    I would suggest a wider look at the business culture and needs and consider a strategy that integrates different practice area so one thing works in harmony with another encourageing positive behaviour accross different issues.


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