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What would you say was a reasonable sickness attendance target at a formal absence meeting.

Would 100 % attendance over the next 3 months be reasonable, if an employee has already triggered for an informal meeting and now for a formal meeting

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  • Company I used to work for had a absense management system of anything over 3% over a 6 month rolling period triggered a absence management meeting, This never changed do it you where off again and still above 3% absense then a absense management meeting was held. 3% of contracted hours is what I mean this seemed to work well. Sickness and domestic absenses where treated differently and different support measures put in place for say childcare issues etc but this would also result in disclipnaries as well if non sickness absenses where becoming a pattern and you where not helping improve your absense.


    Disablility resulted in consulation with occupational health on a case by case basis and maybe a slighted higher absense percentage allowed or some different types of next steps put in place.


    If you track on 100% absense what happens if a absence occurs that anyone would be absence for regardless of absence record.


    If you always have a steady absense % ie you must be at work 97% of time of higher then if helps being reasonable and caring employer.


    PS I do think its reasonable to be at work for 3 months without absence but what happens if person is in a accident outwith their control or child is rushed to hopsital etc etc.

    100% gives you no leeway unless you show discretion at the time if a unfortunate absence occurs.


    Just food for thought.





  • Hi Vicky

    Arguably yes, if it is a case of simple short term unrelated absences. You would expect to see improvement to full attendance.

    If however the reasons for absence were disability related, I would not suggest this as an approach taking into account reasonable adjustments one of which could be attendance targets.

    All the best



  • Thanks for your message.

    What would happen on the next level? Thats where im at now and need to set a tartget before disciplinary action. Would you say 100% attendance over 3 months is reasonable ?



  • Hi Vicky,

    Our absence policy is based on number of occasions, if you have 4 unconnected occasions you are invited to a Level 1 meeting. If escalated onto Level 1 the target is not to incur 2 further occasions of absence within any 9 month period over the next 12 months , if you do, you could be advanced onto the next level.

    Hope this helps.


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