Absence management

Hi all,


Our organisation currently uses the Bradford Factor process to assist managing absence levels and we are looking to change this. Does anyone out there use a different process and if so are you finding any benefits from it and how does it work please?


Thanks in advance



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  • Hi Louise,

    We use Bradford Factor process in my Company for managing short /frequent absence.

    The minimum points an employee needed to reach before any action was to be taken used to be 108, however, we changed this to 81, as we realised 108 points was too high and we were not managing absence effectively. We now looking to reduce this even further 64.

    I have suggested to look at other options to manage absence also. CIPD website does show other options to manage absence.



  • Hi Louise,

    Our company also use the Bradford Factor, why do you want to change process? 



  • Hi Lou

    Great post some organisations use lost time rates and you can read more about different ways of measuring absence here.


    The Bradford Factor still seems to be popular in some organisations, but anecdotally other learners have told me their organisations no longer use this.

    Hope the attached link is of use!

    Kind regards



    Absence Measurement & Management | Factsheets | CIPD
    Learn about the practical implications of sickness absence, how to measure it and how to address short- and long-term absence in an organisation.
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