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The HR Forum

Hi Everyone, 

I'm keen to find out how other business conduct their annual appraisals. 

We're a financial services business of c150 and have had the same appraisal process for the last few years - annual review in April and an interim in October.  I'm always met with the same collective *sigh* from the Managers when I announce it's appraisal time and after prodding for some actual feedback this time, everyone seems to think the form is too big, the process too time-consuming and isn't specific enough for each department, and the reviews aren't really achieving much.  Everyone agrees appraisals are important and necessary, but they also agree what we have isn't working!

I've already got some thoughts about how to change this, but I'm eager to find out if anyone else has recently had an overhaul of the way they do appraisals, and if so, what works? 

(for reference, our appraisal scheme/process isn't currently linked with pay increases)

Thanks in advance!


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  • Morning Becky and all

    I am so glad that the HR Zone has been of use, here at DPG we are passionate about the ethos of its all about particapnts' development and sharing best practice.  This is exactly why the HR Zone was establshed.

    Thanks for posting a thought provoking post.

    All the best


  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for all the feedback!  I'm still yet to finalise a totally new process, but I've adapted our current form for this round of appraisals, to make it more user-friendly and so far the feedback seems positive.  I'll definitely be taking all of this feedback on board when I look to review the whole thing.

  • Hi Becky

    We're just completing our final annual appraisal cycle right now and will from July be carrying our quarterly performance conversations linked to a rating system. We need to 'rate' for the moment as we have very little tangible evidence to work with that demonstrate that we are meeting our aim to increase our skills capacity following a previous restructure.

    'Death of the annual appraisal' phew - its all go eh!

  • Hi Becky,

    I also work in a financial services industry and we have recently updated our appraisal process, which seems to be working pretty well. We re-designed our forms and through training and meetings, we encourage staff and managers to do as much preparation as possible before the actual meeting. We ask staff to complete a self-appraisal form which reflects on their strengths and weaknesses and future development needs. They then give this to their manager for them to review prior to the meeting, this provides open discussion and reduces the amount of time spent on paperwork during the appraisal meeting. We try to tailor appraisal documents as much as possible, but this is difficult, we encourage managers to go through the job description during the appraisal to closely reflect on what the employee does and if any changes are required, which does seem to improve the personalisation of each appraisal. We also encourage managers to engage fully with the appraisal process and this has improved with training! Staff are given development plans and we try to encourage managers to set objectives for different time frames so that interim reviews can take place. 

    I hope this helps!


  • Morning Becky

    This is a really interesting topic and one which I recently undertook some research into.  I came across this really interesting article about how some of the big Consutlancy companies are moving away from performance reviews, in favour of 'career conversations' and aligning this with their talent management processes:

    Take a read and please do share your thoughts on this:


    Kind regards


  • Hi everyone - I would be interested in new ideas also! I have the same push backs as Becky does, it is seen as a tick box exercise and managers are just not engaged in the process - this rubbing off onto employees who just simply don't see the value! 

This reply was deleted.

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