Hi all

Just thought I would signpost some useful documents I found on the CIPD website for completing CPD plans and records with suggested entries.  There are also a number of different templates with examples.


I know many of you coming to the end of your Autumn programme will be updating these so I hope these help.

I sometimes find it challenging to keep this updated and end up updating my CPD record in big chunks. 

How do other people approach updating their CPD?  What do you find works for you?

Have a great weekend all!




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  • Hi Sarah

     I'm part way through my BEP module and these are brilliant examples - my first group workshop is on Friday so I'll  share it with them also! thank you.

    • Hi Leanne

      I am so pleased that you have found these examples helpful please do share with your group!

      Hope you have a great day on Friday !

      All the best
  • Hi Mohini

    I am so glad that you found these useful, have you also seen this? it is a great short video on the how and what of CPD.  Lots of useful ideas!


    Good luck with your course!

    All the best


  • Thank you for posting this Sarah. It has definitely been helpful for me to see example of CPD's. I have just started the HRM Level 5 Diploma in Manchester so will be looking to get a CPD started in the next couple of days. 

  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi Jayne

      Glad to hear your found the post interesting.  I agree the My HR map is very detailed, interestingly the CIPD are currently piloting alterantive approaches to CPD so we will need to watch this space on that one.

      Good luck with your course!

      Kind regards


  • Hi Sarah, a very useful message and link. My group and I were only discussing how we find updating this regularly a challenge.
    • Thanks for the feedback Louise. Does anyone else have any useful pointers on updating their CPD?
This reply was deleted.

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