DVP- too much info?

Hi all currently working on DVP assignment 1

In the "dream role" I have written over 1.1k words (always been my problem I talk too much) 

I must be giving too much detail as have hardly any wordcount for b and c can anyone give me a guide on how many words they had in A?




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  • Hi Mel

    I am the same! Only done 1.1 and managed just over 1000 words. I was planning on keeping SWOT and confluct to a minimum. Not sure hiw strict the wordcount spread shoukd be for the Markers 


  • Hi Mel


    I have just completed mine and had 530.  I started by splitting the word count in to 3 and then aiming for that number and tweeked from there 


  •  Hi Mel, 

    I've also started writing DVP assignment one. At the moment I haven't finished yet 1.1 but roughly so far I have 500 but I havent written yet the self assessment part and the part about conflict!!!! so imagine. I usually tend to start writing as a first draft and then go over and see what I need to take off that it's not relevant or necessary. When you have to write about the map, have you also written all the professional areas and behaviours and explained them? I don't know if we have to do that but if we do, that would add a lot of words!


    • Hi gaby 

      Ive not written about all behaviour areas just 2 that i felt are relevant to success in my "dream role" and some reasons why I think they are successful


      Have you done your SWOT analysis yet? His many things have you noted fot strengths and weaknesses? Again Ive only focused on 2/3 points (but am cautious of wordcount) but not sure if thats right? Or should be all the areas where I got emerging in the map? 

      • Hi Mel, 

        Yes, I was just asking if you wrote all the areas as perhaps that was what it was taking a lot of words. I have also chosen 2 areas for the dream HR job, but I'm stuck with the practical example of one of them. 

        I have also started a bit of the self-assessment and I'm actually going to start with teh SWOT analysis now. I was also thinking of writing 2 or 3 but no more than that. In the video, Gary says to use the results of the self-assessment into the SWOT. In there you'll probably see that it tells you, your strengths and you gaps, so you can use other words to put that there. But he also mentions that on top of that if you want, you can add extra information.  Regarding the areas, I selected the areas that I currently work, the two core you will always have, and then I selected one more.  

  • Hi Melissa,

    I have just started my 1st assignment and I am the complete opposite to you, I am struggling how to structure my asignment and what they are asking for in the "dream role" section. Do you have any tips?

    Thank you


    • Hi Kiera, 

      I don't know if this will help but I'm writing one paragraph which focuses about the map, another one about my dream role and the last about self assessment. However, I tried to link them, i.e. when I want to talk about the dream role, before that I wrote that one of the uses of the map is to help you achieve your next career move or step between those words. 


    • Hi Keira 

      So what I have done is focused it on what I would put as my dream HR role and I focused on 2 areas of CIPD map- employee engagement and employee relations. Then using the CIPD map I spoke about the skills and behaviours relating to ER and EE and some practical ideas on how I would establish where we are at the minute and how I could try to embed a better culture and the behaviours i would need to show again using CIPD map. 


      But I am so lost now I dont even know if thats right! Ive whittled on so much and to be honest struggling with point B the swot analysis 

      • Hi all currently working on DVP assignment 1.1 not sure if you are adding the photo of Cipd map also in your wriiten assignment or just writing a short paragraph about it

        Can someone please suggest!

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