Good afternon all,

I am starting to work on a more detailed flexible working policy at work and am looking for some pointers.

Basically we have the bulk standard policy, which explains employee rights to request fglexible working but thats's a family run business and they don't think flexible working is a thing and that people should be sat at their desks from 9am till 5.30pm.

I am trying to educate the senior management team on the benefits of having a more flexible approach to work and this is where I could do with some help!

Obviously I've done the usual goodle search for research and evidence but tbh there is so much information out there my brain is getting ever so slightly fried!!

So, if anyone has some links to some good research or articles they could share, or some good case studies and experience that would be fab!

Thanks in adavce :)


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  • Hi Jenny,

    Interesting timing. The other day a friend mentioned to me about an event that's happening in a couple of weeks on this very topic, run free by the CIPD. If you're in the area (co-inciding with the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition) it looks like well worth a look. If not, there's a hashtag that you can follow on social media with some good discussions buliding.

    I've posted the details on our Events Calendar here.


    Making Flexibility a Reality for All - Breakfast Camp
    This free CIPD event will focus on the practical aspects of how you can make flexibility work. The event will be facilitated in a highly participator…
  • Hi Jenny

    It may help to approach this from the perspective of the business owner, the Federsation of Small Businesses is an organisation with the aim of supporting small businesses.

    Here is a link to a document they have completed on how to engage employees and flexible working features amongst other things, it is quite visual too so not to much reading to get the message across.

    Also some information from the Chamber of Commerce in terms of the benefits of flexible working, again written from the perspective of a business owner.

    Good luck!

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