Happy HR 2016!

Hi allI like to read about what the predictions are for the coming year and found this really interesting article about HR predictions for 2016.


If I'm honest it made me realise the importance of keeping up with changes and updating your CPD!

A lot of items on the agenda are new to me.What are your predictions for 2016 and HR?

Please do share.I would like to take his opportunity to wish everybody on the DPG Communify a happy and restful Christmas.


Sarah Loates

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  • Hi Sarah,

    Very interesting indeed! Some of the predictions contradict what we read about in many theories and publications suggesting good practice. The main one that sticks is the Employee Survey becoming less popular or less used. I struggle with that in the sense that I believe this is one of the best ways to get the feedback and ideas from the workforce.

    I think the main thing I take from it is how much more reading I want to and should do this year. I had that in my mind anyway, but reading such articles as this reinforces it.

    Thanks for posting that. All the best for 2016.



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