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Hi Guys 


I am very late at completing my Level 1 assignment. With Covid 19 and all that goes with it, it has really set me back. I have completed the first part of the assignment and am just strting the 'Dream job' element. I have noticed that unless i am a CIPD member i can not access my CIPD map? 

Is this right? Do i need to become a member, if so, which type? Are we classed as students or not? 


Thanks in advance 



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  • Hi Kelly,

    I had exactly the same issue and realised that i needed to register with CIPD to access the professional Map. I am now registered as a student member and while registering i was giving the option to pay monthly or in full. I found that it was a good thing that i registered as i now have acess to alot of materials for my studying and this has helped me progress in my studies. Hope this helps!

  • Hi Kelly, 


    Yes you need to become a Student member to access :) Hope that helps. As long as you complete in 2 years to the day you registered then you are fine! 



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