How to boost workplace productivity

Employee engagement, performance management, Key Performance Indicators, outputs, efficiency - all words we associate with measuring workplace productivity and performance.

It is of course a balance between a number of things to find the right formula between optimum productivity, well-being and keeping employees happy.

Behavioural economics and psychology tell us that people react differently to situations and have different approaches to getting things done. The one size fits all approach doesn't work!

The article link below explains how we can look at 7 insights from psychology to boost workplace productivity.

It picks out 7 key areas to consider and provides links and resources to take a closer look at. The 7 areas are 

  1. Mind your demographic
  2. Focus on accomplishments not tasks
  3. Provide real-time feedback 
  4. Make work meaningful 
  5. Foster the right kind of engagement 
  6. Be flexible 
  7. Encourage breaks 

How are you supporting and improving workforce productivity?

Are these 7 insights in line with conversations your having around employment engagement?

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