Hi All,

I signed up to do my CIPD Aug 2020. So far I have done nothing. I took VR from my former employer and have started a new job which has totally overtaken my life and attention. 


I want to be sure to complete befpore my 2 years elapse but want to reach out to a DPG contact to discuss.

Is there anyone who can help please?



Rachel Fox

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  • I'm so glad i'm not alone :) I was in the same boat, completed 3 units before March 2020 and havent moved on since. I spoke to Sarah though who was able to help. I've also signed up for the weekly webinars even when I dont have questions just so i keep it on my radar

  • Hi Rachel

    I signed up in October 2019 and I submitted 1 assignment and then didn't get back into it until the beginning of this year.  I took on a massive case at work and then 2020 happened and brought with it all sorts of challenges personally and professionally for me.  I am working on my 2nd to last assignment so I'm nearly there.  I had to be really strict with myself and once I found that elusive mojo I've been back with it.  I set myself targets (I've not kept to them all, I'll be honest), but ticking off on a calendar or sheet when assignments are submitted has worked for me.

    You have plenty of time with the 2 years support.  It worked for me to make a plan - a realistic one - and just get going.  The biggest challenge is starting.  I had stopped half way through the reading for a unit so I went back and started it again - it helped to remember bits of it and it gave me a bit of faith in my abilities.

    Good luck.  It's tough, we're not all super motivated and life gets in the way.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Hi Rach ;-))

    How are you ?

    Im in exactly the same postion as you and requested help from DPG. 

    We both know people who have gone through the CIPD process in the last year too. 

    Maybe the online faciliatators can support us both. 

    Lovley to see you and a tad spooky ;-)

    Call me if you like you have my number ? 

    I see Nicky has commented too and like her my Mojo went ou tthe window, I have started the online modlues but not a clue if im doing it right and not hit assignment level yet ... 

    Thanks to Helen too for her comments. 


  • HI Rachel.

    I too signed up in Aug 2020 and sof far have not submitted one assignment - I am just finding my mojo and have spent a few hours today trying to make a start!  I have completed the online learning for DVP and CHR unit - but have struggled to motivate myself to get started with the assignments - would be great to connect with you as it sounds like we are in exatly the same position :)

  • Hi Rachel,

    I was exactly in the same boat as you, I initally signed up in Sep 19! Only just starting properly now.  I emailed my learning experience coordinator Sarah Mutton, who was a great help.  Just explain the situation to them and I'm sure they can advise you.  Good Luck

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