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  • Hi Andrew

    We used the Bradford factor at a previous company I worked for. I found it to be a useful way of measuring absence, however the downside was that some employees ended up with a lower score if they tried to come back to work too soon then ended up having another day off, as that counted as 2 instances, rather than 1. This meant that an employee who just stayed at home for 3 days for example, would get a better score than someone who had 1 day off, came back to work as they didn't want to let the team down, but then felt to ill and needed another day off.

    I would say it depends on the current absence levels and the type of work you do if this would work for your organisation.

  • Hi Andrew,

    We are beginning to use the BF as a trigger for one of the larger departments in our organisation where we have seen, in more recent times, an increase in absences, where we need to perhaps demonstrate a different approach and enable the team leaders to have more guidance on the triggers to raise concerns.

    If I am honest, it is not something that I am overly keen on however if it enables us to demonstrate a fair approach for the triggers at raising more concerns then I am fine for this to be used, provided that it is only a trigger and not a definitive resolution for higher absence.

    Have you started to use this yet?


  • Hi Andrew

    Yes I have introduced this within organisations to reduce sickness absence and also used this as part of a redundancy selection criteria to calculate the impact of absence.

    Basically it requires a sound rationale in terms of business case for introducing this, a good absence policy and guidelines for managers around how this links with the capability process and really crucially really good communication and explaining in simple terms.

    This article is a bit outdated but some useful insights around how to implement within an organisation


    I do hope this helps.


    Sickness absence: How I made a difference - Shirley Powell, head of HR, The Childcare Corporation -…
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