Hi everyone,

I'm doing a peice of work to think about how we support employees who are close to reaching retirement age, to reduce their hours in the approach to retirement and effectively transfer their knowledge and skills to other employees.

As part of this I'm looking at what we can do to incentivise employees to work with us to disclose their retirement plans with advance notice, so that we as a business can a) complete recruitment acitivies for a replacement and b) work with them to ensure the transfer of legacy skills is completed before they move on. 

I'm interested to know what other organisations do in this space- does anyone have any insight that you'd be willing to share with me?



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  • Hi Sarah

    It is a tricky subject as with the removal of the default retirement age employers will not directly ask about retirement in iiself. Instead this forms part of the longer term career discussions,  But should be held with all employees and not simply the ones who managers percieve may be due to retire.

    Hope this helps


  • Hi Sarah

    We try to ensure that line managers are well equipped to have those discussions with these member of staff and where possible find out plans (without it breaching personal space), forward planning is an important element and engaging that member of staff in understanding business continuity and performance needs to continue whilst they are there and also after they go. Getting their buy-in to the process and employers commitment to their time and loyalty is important so line manager discussions is crucial to getting the employee to share their expertise and learning. We set out a plan (detailing task/process/guidance to cover) over a few weeks or months depending on when the information is known to HR or line manager and depending on how engaged the employee is the transfer of learning/expertise to others in the team or new resource takes place in good time via on the job learning, creation of shared folders, handover notes/further guidance etc.  

    It's not a hugely creative process and there are not that many in my organisation that fall in that category and so it doesn’t happy so frequently.


    • Thanks for getting back to me Tehmina, really helpful to understand your approach. Completely agree that managers need to be equiped with the right tools and understanding to be able to support individuals locally and there is definitely something we can do to better support managers to have those type of honest conversations.

      I think the issue we have is that there are a large volume of people in our organisation that are coming towards the end of their career and so the risk is that if they aren't engaged and committed to ensuring their knowledge isnt lost when they move on, we could find ourselves loosing out. Having a more specific process and perhaps an incentive offering in place was just one of many things we are looking at to try and mitigate this!


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