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Hi everyone,

I've just read this from People Management, looks like it was posted today

Does being on-call count as ‘working time’

It seems that in some cases the answer is yes... I found this interesting because in a previous role within the hospitality industry I was required to be oncall from home on three nights per week, and I can remember getting up in arms about it because it was unpaid but meant I couldn't go anywhere or do very much as I had to be near the telephone and near my laptop, so I see this as a huge breakthrough.

What does everyone else think?

Here's the link: https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/experts/legal/being-on-call-working-time



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  • Hi Jacquie

    Thanks for sharing this, I think this is an area where many employers still have a bit of a blind spot.

    I was listening to a programme recently about the impact that the increased costs would have especially for carers who sleep in to provide care, and a number of charities were expressing reservations.

    More info here



    There is also some guidance which has recently been published by the government to help to provide clarity around this and a number of other NMW and NLW issues


    Thanks for sharing the update

    All the best




    Rob Preston: How sleep-in shifts became a crisis for charities
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