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PDP/Appraisal Template

Hi All ,


I have been tasked with setting in motion the Personal Development and Appraisal strategy and all paperwork - we currently do not have this in place at all .

I was wondering if anyone has any helpful pointers or links for completing this , and also if anyone knows of any templates I can look at for paperwok ???


Any help will be greatly recieved !!!


Many Thanks


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  • Hi Jade,
    If you would consider using a tool that will assess competence, identify training needs, measure and monitor performance against targets or KPI's my software will accommodate it (and much more besides) and I would happily provide an online demonstration.

    Otherwise, if you are looking to keep it paper/document based I have some templates that I would be happy to share with you along with some guidance notes for both managers (conducting the PDP's) and the employee.


  • Hi Jade

    I did a webinar on PDPs early last year. Maybe it'll help with some ideas:


    Best wishes,


    Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan
    On Monday (26th March) I delivered a webinar on creating an effective PDP. The webinar was free to attend and open to all comers. The recording of th…
    • Hi Gary ,

      That is great thank you , I will check it out tonight !

      Thank you for your help !



      Creating an Effective Personal Development Plan
      On Monday (26th March) I delivered a webinar on creating an effective PDP. The webinar was free to attend and open to all comers. The recording of th…
  • Hi Jade,

    I'd be happy to send you some templates for the system we're currently using if you can give me your email address?


    • Hi Chrissy ,


      That would be amazing thank you !

      I will send you a message with my email .

      Thank you !!



  • HI Jade,

    Great question and I'm sure the generous community here will pile in.

    Just curious as to what the appraisal process will be measuring and whether as an organisation you have these behaviours, values etc in place?

    • Hi Andy ,

      Well we're hoping that we can measure the indivuals progress/ personal performance  in their department , ie against criteria/ goals set by their line manager and also against our busisness mission statement.

      We are the head office of several academies and schools but it would be for the staff here at head office only at present ( as teachers have their own performance scale).

      There is no process in place at present but as we are taking on more schools and growing in size , I feel its something that needs to be implemeneted ?

      Thank you so much !


      • HI Jade. I'm Ady (rather than Andy - no N!!) Short for Adrian.

        On a personal level, I'm really pleased that you have shared your question on this one. I'm fascinated by the great work that is being done by organisations like yours. I've seen some incredible levels of commitment and performance from academies. Our local one here is absolutely smashing it!

        What interests me is that HR positions and departments exist within academy organisations which is in contrast to the majority of typical council led schools. This really shows up on the frontline in the standard of education and the effort in 'enrichment' activities.

        I guess an appraisal process forms an important step in that commitment to getting the best out of all.

        With the teaching staff having robust performance measures in place, I'm wondering how they are measured and appraised. Is there anything that can be learned from that group to take into the head office world?



        • Sorry Ady !!

          I do apologise ! , yes I agree we are lucky enough to have a part time HR assistant in all our academies , then there is the HR Manager and myself in the head office but our team is needing to grow quickly ! Which means challenging and growing ourselves !

          I think the most useful tool in the PDP process for teachers is the fact they teach one or two lessons a year in front of a senior colleague assessing them and then have feed back from that (which also includes 30 teenagers , the hardest critics )!! . They also have very tight guidleines as to what they have to achieve and the targets they have to hit .So this is definately something we can reflect here !


          Thanks again




          • No worries. I get called much worse :-)

            Definitely keep us all in the loop of how this progresses. It's very interesting. Great to see you've some good responses and loved Gary's mention of the webinar he did. 

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