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Reward Programmes

Hi there

I've been asked to look at implementing a recognition and reward programme. We are a charity so don't have a massive budget but would be interested to hear some low cost ideas for rewarding and recognising employees without being too cheesy? Things I've seen online are sending e-thank you cards, nominating a member of staff for going the extra mile - that kind of thing

I am going to ask for ideas from staff on what would be meaningful to them but thought I would start the process off by showing examples of what other organisations do and perhaps feedback you've received from staff members on such schemes.

Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.



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  • Hi Joanna

    One activity we did in our last team meeting proved effective.  Everyone picked a team member at random and they wrote them a thank you note.  We then read them out and gave them to the person we wrote them for.  Peer to peer recognition can also be very powerful. Thank you postcards can also be a good way and simple way of recognising people - its a nice touch sometimes to send them to their home address (everyone likes some 'good' post sometimes besides all the bills ;)).

  • Hi Joanna

    This may sound very basic, but a line manager or senior manager personally saying thank you or talking to the employees about their work I think is a good starting point. Personally, I would appriciate that more than receiving a small gift that may just be put to the back of my desk draw. Its free aswell :)

    On top of that, subscription to a monthly delivery service or something like Perkbox, that give employees a wide range of discounts would be good. 

    Everyone is different, so I like the idea below about asking employees what they would like to receive.

    Good luck with implementing the programme.



  • Hi Joanna,

    My company had little packs of star that you could write a personal message on. We would give them out to the colleagues. We also had a recognition wall where we would take a picture of the colleagues receiving their reward and display them on the wall. Starting a fresh each Qtr.

    We also had a nominations box that all colleagues could nominate a name over the qtr and any colleague who had the most recommendations would receive a little gift, of getting to have a lay in and come in an hour later with pay, or going home an hour early with pay etc....   


  • Perhaps a combination of a survey (survey monkey?) and some focus groups or reps to give suggestions of the type of thing they would value? To avoid you putting things in place and they aren't used? 

    What do you have so far?



  • Hi Joanna

    This all sounds interesting and when you don't have a budget like you say you can get creative.

    The e-card scheme sounds good EON ran a similar one called Buzz recognition scheme and you can read about it here


     There are also some more employee recognisiton scheme case studies here that may provide some inspiration.


    As you say though a good starting point is to ask employees what they would value.

    I hope this helps!





    E.On boosts staff engagement via recognition
    E.On has improved its employee engagement and motivation scores by up to eight percentage points as a result of its recognition scheme.  Before imple…
    • Thanks Sarah, some interesting reading!


      E.On boosts staff engagement via recognition
      E.On has improved its employee engagement and motivation scores by up to eight percentage points as a result of its recognition scheme.  Before imple…
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