• Hi Philip

    Does this help?

    Can shared services provide a quality HR service?
    The popularity of shared services is rising rapidly across all sectors - but what does this mean for the future of HR? We convened a panel, in partne…
  • Afternoon Philip

    Here is a useful fact sheet on this

    It also explains the Ulrich model and how shared services fits with this,

    Typically they are present in larger organisations such as MNCs or corporates, as they undertake the transactional elements of HR as opposed to the more strategic elements which the Centres of Excellence or Business Partners would progress.

    I hope this helps!

    Are you trying to answer one of the questions for HRF?

    All the best



    HR Shared Services | Factsheets | CIPD
    Shared services are a way of organising HR activities within a wider HR operating model to support strategic HR business partners.
    • Hi Sarah,

      Thank you very much for your reply.

      Yes im trying to answer the questions for HRF.

      Im alittle confused, I am comparing  Dave Ulrichs HR Business Model (Strategic Partner, Change Agent, Administration Expert, Employee Champion) with shared services. However from reading the information on the CIPD website, shares services form part of Dave Ulrichs Three legged model. Am I right to assume that the HR business model and shares services all fall under the same three legged model? (along with centres of Expertise.).


      So would it be best if I compare Ulrichs Three legged model with something like  Dr Jill Millers HR models for SMEs (Consolidating organisation)?


       That way there is a large organisation HR delivery Vs a Small orgnaisation HR delivery.

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