Some other substantial reason (SOSR)

Hi all

I caught this video on some other substantial reason which as you will know is one of the 5 fair reasons for dismissal.

I think is a great summary of when this applis in a dismissal situation.  There is a significant plug half way through for Daniel's Law on Tour, but from a CPD persepctive this could be something which is very useful to attend.



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  • oh, there is also a great link in this for a podcast for dismissal for under two years service- great reasoning for whether we can just say 'goodbye, your face doesn't fit' vs following the dismissal procedures. Having just dismissed following our disciplinary procedures and facing an appeal (despite legally not needing to allow an appeal) Im now feeling apprehensive! Should the dismissed employee claim reasons to make this automatically unfair (which I wouldn't have known if I just dismissed without reason or appeal) I will be obliged to investigate!!! You think you are doing the right thing but............ great topic for debate.

    • Hi Kellie

      I am halfway through the podcast for dismissal with less than two years' service and I will be posting it shortly.  Glad you enjoyed the SOSR one.


  • Thanks Sarah, this was great!

    SOSR was always something that i've fell back on but this has given it clarity. Agree this would be useful to attend- am looking into the detail.

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