Hi Everyone! 

Starting my CIPD (finally!!!) and hoping to connect and speak with people at the same point to discuss assessments but workplace pieces too - sooo who's with me?? 

Definitely been an interesting time to be in HR - work has been busy, confusing but, to the most point, a huge learning experience.


Looking forward to speaking soon!


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  • HI,


    I have started by CIPD Level 5 an hope to get support and have more discussions , i an HR professional and want to learn more.



    • Hi Deborah,

      I'm starting next Monday. First time for me learning online as well.

      Good challenge!! I'm excited to start it. We will be in touch of course!

      All the best.



  • Hello Sian and everyone else who has started the level 5 CIPD course :)

    I signed up this week so just starting out. I'm new to HR. I have taken the leap while on maternity leave to learn something new. My current role is in Sales and Events and PA. 

    Looking forward to hearing from you all and hopefully sharing ideas and helping each other. 

    Speak soon


  • Hi Everyone,

    Ive taken the plunge and started my Level 5 today!  I would love to connect to get support, its been a while since I did anything like this :)




    • I'm an August intake however I've just started today. Best of luck & look forward to sharing progress updates. 

  • Hi Sian, 

    I just submitted my first assignment so not too far ahead of you - would be lovely to connect and exchange!


    Speak soon, 



  • Hey Sian,

    Signed up last week too! Currently on maternity leave so I may not be able to get stuck in straight away but just to say hello, i'm with you!


  • Hi

    I've just signed up to CIPD Level 5 too - looking forward to connecting with everyone!


  • I have also just started L5. If there are any groups that have been started please add me in. Good luck everyone!

  • Hi 

    I am just starting my L5 too I'm a bit anxious but excited  as haven't done anything like this for a long time . Would be great to be part of a group to help each other out. Good luck everyone 

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