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Hi Everyone,

I currently am working towards my level 3 CIPD qualification, and I am in a administrator role for a company with a high turnover of ages 20-29. We are looking to attract a more mature age group and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in achieving good results in this sort of activity and if so, what did you do?


Any help would be greatly appreciated :)




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  • Hi Louise, 


    We often use mobile targeting - through push behaviour notifications. This allows you to target people of a desired age range, location and with behaviours relating to careers with relevant interests. This usually spans across a 2 week period. 




    • Hi Lauren


      Thank you for you reply, I have not come across this method before, can you explain more about it?






      • Hi Louise, 

        Of course - we use an external comms company to support us with this. Together, we formulate the image that 'pops up' on selected users' mobile devices. It appears on your phone similarly to a notification from say a social media app. The message may be to visit the company website via a certain reference number for specific opportunities you know may be of interest to them. Progress can then be tracked based on how many 'clicks' recieved within that specific time frame. 

        Hope this helps. 




        • Hi Lauren,


          Many thanks for your information, it seems our marketing department are currently doing this, I was just not familiar with the terminology.


          Thanks again



  • Hi Louise

    Have you been able to identify why you have a high turnover of that age group?  For me, that would be my place to start.


    • Hi Jennifer


      Thank you for you response. Part of the issue is we have a high number of university students in the area. Other reasons are that as we are a motorway services, the travel to us puts applicants and colleagues off. We have tried to offer subsised bus passes, free meals, discounts etc, however the retention is still high in this age range. The more mature colleagues tend to stay much longer and seem more commited. Hence why we are looking for a way of attracting this age group.

      Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved.







      • Hi Louise

        I can see your issue.  I'm reviewing our recuitment guides at the moment and just had a worry for you that you don't want to be seen as discriminating against younger people in any of your advertising. 

        Does your advertising highlight the employee benefits and highlight that you are an employer who welcomes applictions from everyone throughout the community?  We are about to amend our adverts to include the following 2 sets of wording as we know we don't have a diverse workforce.  This may encourage applications from more mature people and also people with disabilities and long term health issues who may have through the jobs were not for them previously.

        'Fife Cultural Trust has a commitment to equal opportunities, welcomes applications from all who believe they fit the essential requirements of the job and value diversity in our workforce'.

        'What we offer  

        If this sounds like we’re expecting a lot, you’re right — we are! Because the people of Fife deserve the best. But, don’t worry, your best will be rewarded. We will offer you a competitive salary, contributory Local Government Pension Scheme, employee discounts, generous annual leave, flexible working schemes and access to a range of well-being initiatives'.

        We've got the opposite issue in a way, a large number of older employees, which in itself is not an issue, but few people late teens/early twenty's.

        Hope this is of some help!


        • Hi Jennifer,


          Thank you for this. Our adverts are quite lengthy, but we very community based here, so a lot of emphasis is put on this element of our business but interestingly it is not in our adverts, good call.

          I really like your wording too.


          Thank you so much for your help.



          • No problem at all, hope things improve for you!


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