Hi all. Just attended my first Webinar last night with Gary Norris for Level 5 HRM diploma Online, 

Just started working my way through the first DVP module and came across some stuff about a learning contract. 

Is there a specific DPG or CIPD template i should be using for this? 

Any help or guidance would be appreciated. 

I've been out of the education loop for 17 years and feel like the proverbial fish out of water! 

Thanks in advance

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  • Hi William

    I second everything Sarah says. When you go into the 'Welcome to DPG' Learning tile, you'll see one of the three tiles within that section is the 'Learning Contract'. This has a useable template as part of the exercise.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi there

    No problem, and it is only natural to feel this way.

    So basically the learning contract is not assessed, it is very  much about you 'contracting' with you and thinking about how you will plan your approach to learning.

    It is also about thinking about what or who can help you get the most out of your studies, who could you ask for help, colleagues, mentors, family, friends.

    It is also about recognising your learning style and what environment will help you best learn, do you prefer to read, do, reflect etc,  There is a useful exercise on learning styles within the introductory e-lessons, Honey and Mumford, try this first.

    Yes there is a template you can use, and this should be in your introductory e-lessons, if you can not find this get in touch with your personal facilitator Gary,

    Also some useful info here


    Some learners write a couple of lines per question, some write several paragraphs for each,  As it is about you contracting with you, it is very much down to your preferemce.

    I do hope this helps

    All the bets




    Creating a Personal Learning Contract
    To describe the development of a personal learning contract This packet provides information about how to develop a personal learning contract. The e…
    • Thanks Sarah. Really appreciate the steer and guidance from you.  

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