The Inner Game - Tim Gallwey

Hi all

I've recently been pointed in the direction of the below video, which is an interview with Tim Gallwey on his revolutionary book The Inner Game.  I think the whole concept is really interesting and well worth a look, especially in relation to coaching for performance in a workplace context.

The main two things that I take away from this is the distinction he makes between Self 1 and Self 2 within a person.  Self 1 can stop Self 2 from reaching it's potential, so it's important to strive to find a balance between the two selves to enable a person to achieve great things. 

Secondly his formula of  Performance = Potential at that time - Interference  is great.  It clearly sets out how often people don't perform at their best & don't reach their potential due to internal and external factors influencing them.  Being able to manage Self 1 will allow Self 2 to shine.

This is something that must be considered during a coaching relationship, you need to be aware as a coach of your Inner Game but you must also enable the coachee to become aware of their own Inner Game so they can learn to self-manage and be responsible for achieving their potential.

I also think this is something that could be considered just in day-to-day learning and development situations and also when assessing a person's performance - what barriers are in the way of them reaching their potential? 

Please see the link below.

I hope you find it as useful/interesting as I did.


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