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Our Training team have set up mandatory online modules like H&S, Fire safety, GDPR etc... They receive an export of our employee’s work email addresses to send out the training links and anyone on Maternity is also picked up.


My questions are, if someone is on maternity and is sent the training, would they need to use KIT days or be paid for the time to complete it? The modules are roughly 45 mins and they are sent in order so you only have access to a few at a time and on completion you’re sent another one. The alternative is that they complete it on their return but I’m not sure if we can ‘hold’ their training whilst on maternity. The training isn’t specific to a role but more general awareness, health and safety or being vigilant when using links.




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  • You would need to pay it as a KIT day as by paying it in the way you suggest, you are effectively 'returning' them from maternity leave... and so, you wouldn't then be able to put them back on maternity leave.

    Kit days, although called "days" can be anything from a couple of hours to a full day - however you still need to pay them for a full day's work.

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