Hello all!I am currently in the process of supporting with some new wellbeing initiatives during what feels like our never ending lockdown.I am going to be sending out letters to employees whilst they are isolating with some helpful tips on what they can do during their isolation period and to know they are not alone.I have started putting the pack together but was quite keen to see if anyone had done something similar that worked quite well? Open to hearing what people have put in the body of the letters/packs they've sent out! ThanksSusie

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  • Hi Susie Hinchliff 

    We have a well-being topic area in CareerBursts. I think that'll help.

    1. If you have not yet used CareerBursts, click here and sign in using the email address that you use for the DPG Community. The first time you sign in your password is: Car33r2020

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    2. Once you've got your login in sorted (or if you've already used it), just click here to head to the Personal Resilience and Well-Being area.


    3. In addition, an associate of the Community, Russell Harvey, is holding a webinar titled How to Build Your Resilience on 3rd December. Click hereor click the Events tab above and scroll to find the details. He has also blogged recently: https://community.dpgplc.co.uk/blog/ten-ways-resilience-can-improve...




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  • Hi Susie, suggestions to include are getting everyone to take a walk on their lunch break, walking in daylight at this time of year is really important even if only for 15 minutes.  Once a week I would suggest they turn of electronics and make it an "awe" walk.  This is taking the time to really notice things and consciously appreciate what they see (it might be a lovely building or even something simple like the colour of the leaves at the moment!).  You could creat a group where people post photos of what they are seeing on their walks!  Or arrange coffee catch ups or a breakfast group where everyone has a more-special breakfast on a Friday that they can then share ideas.  Anything that brings people together (whilst we can't actually be together) with shared experiences will really help.

  • Hi Susie, we have done something similar but also noted healthy eating websites, exercise sources. We have recently added about where people can find support for those self-employed (say if a family member was affected). Hope that helps but I am sure it will be well received!! 



    Erica :-)

  • Hi Susie, 

    That sounds like a really good idea. Have you considered including links to sites/apps that are offering free workouts or free training courses? Maybe some midfullness activities? And how about suggesting everyone create a jar or box where they put one idea each day of something they're looking forward to when lockdown ends? Perhaps when you're all back together at work you could encourage people to share some of the things they wrote down with colleagues and then each share photos of themselves doing that thing, as a little team bonding activity. 

    Best of luck,


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