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Rachel Trowsdale replied to Rachel Trowsdale's discussion Proof of Medical Appointments
"Thanks for your replies. Yes, the Line Manager did not believe the absence was genuine as it was th…"
1 hour ago
Nicole Jackson is now a member of Becoming a Smarter Learner
3 hours ago
Hi all

Firstly congratulations to evreyone for finishing the course. Believe it or not I am actual…
Imke Gahrmann and Sonia Andrews joined Becoming a Smarter Learner
19 hours ago
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21 hours ago
Sarah Loates replied to Amy Spence's discussion AWOL Policy
"Hi Amy
I found this on line I hope it helps!…"
23 hours ago
Sarah Loates replied to Rachel Trowsdale's discussion Proof of Medical Appointments
"Hi Rachel
OK so is the request for the proof so that we know the absence from work is genuine? I th…"
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Barbara Rogers replied to Christine Allen's discussion Line Managers Carrying out HR Duties
"Hi Chrissy, 
Having been an HR manager, capability resource manager and line manager, I am very sup…"
Olivia McDermott replied to Jaspreet Shoker's discussion Employee Referral Scheme
"Hi Jaspreet,

We pay £1,500 and increased this 18 months ago from £1,000 as the scheme can work ver…"